Pregnancy is a beautiful process but it can get very tiring from time to time.

The Beauty Base is here to treat you with a relaxing experience to ease your stress away of pregnancy. Our specialised Mother To Be spa package caters to pregnant women preferably after the first trimester.

What is unique about this spa experience?

Pregnancy is a highly intricate process that requires time-to-time care. With your body going through so many simultaneous changes, this makes proper blood circulation crucial for you and the baby. Your blood circulation is greatly affected due to often swelling of appendages and stiffness of your muscles. Your baby bump might affect your overall movement, muscles and even cause you severe back pain.

This can be a frustrating process which is why The Beauty Base ensures that you leave our premises with sound mind and a relaxed body. Our Spa area has a beautiful private tearoom where you are served with a hot beverage of your choice, premium water or luxurious chocolates. This kicks off your mental relaxation process, a break from the worldly issues and it helps you in easing into the entire relaxation process. Our furniture is carefully hand-picked to provide special comfort to our guests who are pregnant.

Our experts are not only well-versed with the art of massage but they also focus on the scientific aspects of this treatment. Our team is trained and highly experienced in providing services to pregnant ladies taking care of intricate details to provide you utmost and prolonged comfort.

What is included in the Mother To Be Experience?

Our Mother To Be spa experience offers you mental relief along with giving your muscles a well-deserved break with a relaxing massage. We take care of minute details and our experts carefully avoid areas like the inside and outside of both ankles, in the hollow areas just under the ankle bones and the corner of the baby toe on the side edge of the toenail, and several other stimulus points that can promote uterine contractions or cervical ripening.

Our award-winning Mother To be experience is known to decrease several symptoms from depression, muscle aches, joint pain, swelling and hypertension all while increasing the blood circulation. Our focus on the blood circulation is mainly because it keeps the fetus healthy since blood is the source of nutrition for both you and the baby, adequate blood supply and circulation ensures that your organs and your baby, both are well-fed and healthy.

We know how the hormonal imbalance can have an impact on your skin too, to minimise that, The Beauty Base offers an extensive Skin Radiance Facial that is highly customized to your skin type and issues as part of the Mother To Be experience. All the products used are pregnancy-friendly with no harsh chemicals. The facial aims at revitalising your skin, getting rid of dead skin cells and replenishing the lost nutrients. Followed by this facial comes an eye rescue treatment with products that absorbs readily into your skin’s dermis, hydrating your under-eye area while brightening it and getting rid of puffiness or eye bags.

Carrying an additional weight greatly impacts your legs and its muscles, The Beauty Base takes care of all the contributing factors.

We take pride in our services because every little aspect is carefully tailored to remove all the ticking-points of our pregnant guests. Providing you with a private, de-stressing massage that separates you from your worries for a few hours and so much more.

The Perfect Gift?

If your loved one is burdened by a difficult pregnancy, then the Mother To Be Experience is a must have. The specialised massage on its own can ease the entire process of pregnancy and even have a vital impact on a smoother delivery. This muscle relaxation and a little reset to your muscles and mind not only prepares your muscles for the strain that they go through in the future but the mental peace eases the process as the delivery date gets closer. Additionally the Skin Radiance Facial and intricate care taken by our highly trained therapists will be your loved one at complete ease and serenity.

Mother to Be
at The Beauty Base

It is time for you to lay back, give yourself a day off and let you and your baby relax as our therapists work their soothing magic on you to improve the way you feel.

We offer the Mother To Be Package at our globally recognised salons, which have won several awards for the luxurious and cosmedic grade treatments we offer.

Please call into any of our salons to book your Mother To Be Experience and to speak to one of our friendly therapists.