Get your youth back!

As we get older, our skin cells start rapidly dying without the right nutrition. These dead cells tend to accumulate and form the topmost layer of our skin. Behind the wall of lackluster and flat skin lies healthier and radiant skin that also allows better penetration of products.

With the Beauty Base’s Oxygen Enzyme Peel, we make it possible to reset your drab skin. This peel treatment is a great breakthrough for developing healthy, radiant, and youthful skin.

What active ingredients does Oxygen Enzyme Peel use?

The Oxygen ENZYME peel is specially formulated with a combination of Natural Fruit Acids (10% Pomegranate Enzyme, 10% Pumpkin Enzyme, 5% Mango Enzyme, 10%, and Papaya Enzyme), oxygenating enzymes (7% Cerasome Oxygen), and moisturising super peptides(V8 Peptide Complex). These components penetrate deep into your skin, working on a cellular level on cell repair and regeneration. This plays a vital role in your skin’s revival.

How does Oxygen Enzyme Peel treatment work?

The Oxygen Enzyme Peel treatment works by exfoliating your skin while simultaneously moisturizing it to support collagen production. As a result, you get healthy, plumped, and noticeably brighter skin.

This Peel treatment is suitable for all skin types, particularly for unhealthy, dull, dry, photodamage, or problematic skin. The Oxygen Peel helps to heal your devitalized and congested skin with its oxygenating and moisturising enzymes.

It gives your skin an instant pre-party pick me up to rejuvenate even the most tired skin. Natural fruit acids along with oxygenating enzymes in one Enzyme Peel Treatment give your skin the kick it needs to get back on track. Oxygen Enzyme Peel delivers vital ingredients to your skin that take the dirt out from your pores and get rid of the dead skin cells. Enzymes are biological catalysts that aid in the speeding up of processes while playing its other vital roles. This allows in not just the stimulation of your skin’s own healing process but your skin is delivered with the enzymes to speed up the reaction of your skin cells, revealing revived and rejuvenated skin.

How long does the Oxygen Enzyme Peel Treatment take? Are there any side effects?

This relaxing and rejuvenating Peel treatment takes 3-7 minutes, overall though this treatment is a 45 minute treatment. It is recommended to take this treatment weekly to get effective results. There are no notable side effects of this treatment however, some guests feel a slight tingling sensation on their skin with a little redness that is due to the exfoliation of your skin.

What’s unique at The Beauty Base?

The Beauty Base maintains a reputation of professionalism and excellence in providing its guests with the best treatments. We use top-of-the-range cosmeceutical products and all our peels are from O cosmedic.

O cosmedics produces high-quality medical-grade products for professional use. It is a no-fluff skincare brand that focuses on the science of skincare and its ingredients. We never compromise on the quality. So, say yes to beautiful skin and book your appointment now with The Beauty Base.

The Beauty Base’s experienced therapists examine your skin and always offer you the perfect suggestions for your unique skin type. We provide our therapists with regular training on skin facial protocols, which help them ensure effective results of your treatment because your beauty is our priority.

Call us or pay us a visit and let our skin therapists take you through the process.

Oxygen Enzyme Peel
at The Beauty Base

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