Give your face a completely transformed look with the most natural-looking lip enhancement treatment.
Just how the right lipstick brings together an entire look, your lips are always the star of the show – give them their spotlight with the right enhancement treatment.

While there are many topical lip enhancers available in the market, they offer very minimal results while being uncomfortable on the skin due to tingling.

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  • What is lip enhancement?

    What is lip enhancement?

    Lip enhancement is a cosmetic procedure that increases the lip’s fullness through fillers such as Hyaluronic acid. During a lip enhancement treatment, an administered professional injects a prepared product that consists of Hyaluronic acid or similar substances. These substances give your lips structure, shape and volume. Due to the procedure’s controlled nature, the medical professional performing the lip enhancement has command over how much volume is added to the lip.

    Two significant steps contribute towards a lip enhancement procedure: first, the dermal fillers are injected in small amounts around the lip, particularly the top and bottom lip line, to enhance its shape. Then, the fillers are injected into the center-most part of the lip, also known as the main body. Both these steps complete the procedure, leaving you with defined, luscious, and healthier-looking lips.

    Lip enhancement usually requires a single treatment that lasts for about 5 months.

    What is lip enhancement?
  • Why should you opt for a lip enhancement treatment?

    Why should you opt for a lip enhancement treatment?

    A lip enhancement treatment is perfect for you if you have genetically thin lips or your lips have lost their definition and voluminosity over time with ageing. It is also ideal for people who are looking to get rid of the natural lines of your lips and get smooth, overall contoured shape without spending hours on your makeup.

    Lip enhancements when performed by medical experts have safer and lasting effects as compared to commercially available dermal fillers.

    At The Beauty Base, each lip enhancement treatment is personalised and delivered in moderation according to the guest’s requirements, controlled by a certified medical team that have been practicing cosmetic procedures since it’s inception in Australia.

    Some more benefits are:

    • Plumper appearance:Fuller lips can make you feel and look younger while also enhancing your face’s natural features.
    • Control over lip volume:A guests can achieve their desired volume.
    • Lasting Effects: You will notice visible results with a single treatment and the treatment can last for about 5 months.
    • Little to no side-effects:Because the treatment uses natural substances found in the body, allergic reactions, swelling, and other side effects are rare. You are cared for by a highly qualified team of medical experts.

    Most people who receive lip enhancement treatments are ready to get back to their normal routines just a day after, proving this to be both – an effective and safe treatment.

    The Beauty Base combines the experience of our medical team with advanced skincare technologies so that we can give you the results you desire.

    Why should you opt for a lip enhancement treatment?

Lip Enhancement

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We work in collaboration with Dr. Peter Bakaric and his impeccable team of medical professionals. With his reputation and decades of professional experience with cosmetic procedures, we ensure that you are provided with renowned professionals for every treatment. The Beauty Base follows strict procedures and guidelines to make your experience with us luxurious and beneficial in every possible way.

We offer the Cosmetic Lip Enhancements at our globally recognised salons, which have won several awards for the luxurious and cosmedic grade treatments we offer.

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