Stress and Challenged be gone!

Due to the every day challenges of life, stress and pressures can have an impact on how we feel and it shows in our skin. Our skin can lack the absorption of vital minerals, oils, and water and develops signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, breakouts, uneven tone, and texture. With our skin radiance facial, you can get your skin back on track and get that pick me up you need. Our Facial offers to reduce signs of aging while making your skin firm, elastic and youthful with the help of essential products and our highly skilled staff.

What is a Skin Radiance Facial?

This facial is a customised treatment to achieve radiant skin. This facial incorporates gentle yet active chemicals, natural fruit acids, and essential botanical extracts. Each of these boosters promote healthy skin while enhancing tone and texture, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you the result of supple skin.

Why should you choose a Skin Radiance Facial?

We have been witnessing the pinnacle of the glowing skin craze in the past few years in multiple forms like glass skin. Who doesn’t love naturally dewy skin without texture? We know that we do and we deliver what we love to all of our guests.

It is not just about what your skin looks like but also we ensure to use products with high penetrability to ensure that your skin gets glowy from within. The Beauty Base makes striving towards healthy skin, a relaxing experience.

Skin Radiance Facials by Highly Trained Therapists

The skin radiance facial offers a wide range of services by utilising proven products that are specifically designed to address all kinds of skin concerns and conditions. We make each unique type of skin feel rejuvenated, healed, nourished, and moistened in just 30 minutes with no pain. We offer the right products delivered to your skin with the right techniques and tools to ensure lasting results.

We provide personalised service to each guests as our talented staff takes the time to understand your specific skin needs before recommending treatments for healthy and long-lasting skincare.

Our therapists are well-trained to address every skin condition. If you choose a Skin Radiance facial, you will find that it will rejuvenate your skin while reducing the visible signs of aging, and yet is a quick yet effective ‘pick me up’ facial that offers a lift to your skin by incorporating natural methods and providing your skin vital nutrients that give visible results.

What are the results? How long will it take?

This skin radiance facial is a revitalising facial treatment that doesn’t take much time to settle in your busy schedule. It uses essential minerals and botanical extracts to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, breakouts and improves uneven tone and texture in just 30 minutes. As a result, you can dazzle each day with your brighter and radiant skin.

Skin Radiance Facial
at The Beauty Base

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