Beauty is beyond the face or the right clothing, it is about your confidence and your body as a whole. Often times, we tend to become insecure about our body and require targeted treatments. Weight loss cannot be targeted if done right and naturally which is why the aesthetic, medical and the beauty industry have developed ways to offer targeted body treatments.

Previously, these treatments were achieved through surgical treatments that were not only invasive but required a certain downtime. Onda Coolwaves is a revolutionary technology that allows for a non-invasive and a non-surgical solution to targeted body issues such as Cellulite.


What is Onda Coolwaves?

This patented technology uses microwaves that easily penetrate your dermis all the way to the subcutaneous fatty layer of your body. The frequency of the waves is specially set to ensure that only the fat cells are targeted. This tweak in the frequency is done because different cells absorb different waves are varying frequencies, leaving your surrounding cells healthy and untouched. This emission of energy packets to your fat cells causes them to breakdown immediately leading to an overall decrease in fat in the targeted area. The technology is so precise that it is also used for the face.

The downtime? Absolutely none. You are ready to go right after your treatment is complete. We do recommend more than one session to achieve your desired, dramatic results which are easily maintained with the right nutrition and diet.

Cellulite Reduction through Coolwaves

The increased production of fat cells leads them to push against your skin while the connective cords keep pulling them down. This creates an uneven surface on the skin with several minute but visible dimples, also known as cellulite. Cellulite is very normal in people and completely harmless but often preferred to get rid of due to aesthetic or beauty purposes. However, cellulite reduction may lead to long-term positive health impacts like the thickening of your skin to bring back a smooth surface. Production of cellulite is characterised by thinning of your skin.

Onda Coolwaves works by acting on these fat cells, decreasing them in number through acting on their membranes. This process may cause slight discomfort due to the emission of energy being an exothermic process but it is immediately countered through the device’s own cooling system. Immediate cooling of the targeted skin greatly helps in reducing any signs of inflammation and keeps your cells healthy from any residual heat.

Cellulite Reduction
at The Beauty Base

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Get rid of unflattering cellulite and get ready to flaunt that beach body!

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