Working out to reduce fat and help shape the body you are after is one way of helping to achieve the body image you are seeking. Additionally utilising technology to help shape your body can be effective.

This is made possible through Onda Coolwaves technology that allows highly controlled energy beams to breakdown the fat cells without causing any damage or significant side effects towards adjoining areas. The Beauty Base has been a hub of housing the latest technology in the beauty industry with proven scientific claims to ensure that our guests have all their needs covered. The technology we utilise, concentrates beams that penetrate your skin’s dermis without damaging it all the way to the subcutaneous fat layer to reduce the overall cells at that targeted place.

What is Onda Coolwaves?

Onda is the only device in the beauty industry that offers a non-surgical solution for fat reduction. For the longest time, the only way to contour your body has been manual fat removal but Onda’s technology emits microwaves at a frequency that is absorbed specially by the fat molecules. This special selection leaves your surrounding cells untouched due to the varying frequency absorption of different cells.

This action leads to a decrease in the number of adiposities in the targeted area. The heat produced due to the energy emission is immediately taken care of through the machine’s own cooling system ensuring little to no discomfort.

Body Shaping and How it is Achieved:

When it comes to losing fat, targeted loss of weight is impossible to achieve naturally. Even when it comes to working out, you end up losing overall body fat than just one area which is why medical and aesthetic body shaping was introduced, to allow people to be able to get rid of fat cells on certain targeted areas of the body. However, over the past decades we did not have many options other than surgical removal of the fat. Onda came up with the most effective non-invasive technology that has proven itself to work effectively on extremely targeted areas, even your face!

Body Shaping is targeted towards allowing you to have more control of your body shape, defying all the odds.

Body Shaping
at The Beauty Base

The Beauty Base is your one-stop to all your beauty and aesthetic needs. We employ some of the best professionals in the country, known for their impeccable service equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our guests never have to compromise on quality, treatments or service.

Take control over your body in the most precise, targeted manner and get the curves you desire.

We offer Body Shaping treatments at our globally recognised salons, which have won several awards for the luxurious and cosmedic grade treatments we offer.

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