OxyGeneo counteracts these environmental and lifestyle challenges by working with the body’s own natural processes to purify and re-energise the skin once again, delivering a trio of cutting-edge beauty technologies to deliver exceptional results. Read on to find out more about this cutting-edge and completely non-invasive beauty treatment.

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OxyGeneo Facial Treatment

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  • What Is OxyGeneo?

    What Is OxyGeneo?

    The OxyGeneo Facial Treatment is a multi-step, one-of-a-kind way to take care of your face. It uses a number of cutting-edge techniques to give you great results. It works by recruiting the body’s own physiology to boost oxygen levels deep within the skin for profoundly beneficial results. This makes the OxyGeneo facial a groundbreaking treatment and one that works in line with the body’s own processes to restore a noticeable glow.

    OxyGeneo is also the only facial treatment currently available that brings other cutting-edge treatments into the mix, including tripolar RF and ultrasound, to deliver benefits deep within the skin as well as on the visible epidermal layer. For the ultimate in fresh, natural, and youthful-looking skin, this is a highly effective treatment and one that works with your body rather than against it.

    What Is OxyGeneo?
  • What Are the Advantages of OxyGeneo?

    What Are the Advantages of OxyGeneo?

    OxyGeneo offers excellent benefits without any pain, invasive techniques, or downtime. The results include:

    immediate skin plumping and improved hydration.

    • A restoration to the skin’s volume for a reduction in wrinkles and a plumper, more rejuvenated appearance.
    • Increased collagen levels, which naturally decrease with age and form the underlying protein structures of the skin.
    • Lessened hyperpigmentation, a sign of UV damage and aging that is difficult to treat without professional help.

    A more youthful, renewed glow is due to the increased oxygen levels in your skin.

    • Fewer wrinkles and lines.
    • Improved skin cell production to extend the positive benefits of the treatment.
    • Reduced appearance of pores for a smoother, more “glass-like” skin appearance.
    What Are the Advantages of OxyGeneo?
  • What Is The Treatment Like?

    What Is The Treatment Like?

    The treatment starts with a full history of the client and an evaluation of how well OxyGeneo will work for their skin. Once your skin has been checked, our expert therapists will apply a luxurious cleanser to your face for a deep clean. They will then use Tripollar RF to target your dermal layer and increase the regeneration of collagen, which tightens and firms the skin. The Oxygeneo machine is then used to clear away dead skin cells and exfoliate, oxygenate,that and infuse your complexion. Next, your therapist will deliver a treatment gel which is selected based on your skin concerns through ultrasound technology for ideal absorption. After this step, the therapist will massage any remaining serum into your skin.

    The treatment is relaxing and enjoyable at all times, without pain. Some temporary sensitivity may occur during the exfoliation stage, but this will be eased with the secondary infusion phase. You will be left with bright, energised and rejuvenated skin.

    What Is The Treatment Like?
  • How Should I Prepare for My Appointment?

    How Should I Prepare for My Appointment?

    There are no necessary steps to take before attending your OxyGeneo Superficial. The therapist will remove any makeup you might be wearing to your appointment before she begins the procedure. Some clients choose to attend without makeup to reduce the need for pre-cleansing.

    We follow the highest standards of care, treatment and health and safety at The Beauty Base and always take care to ensure our clients have the most enjoyable, professional experience when they choose our services.

    How Should I Prepare for My Appointment?
  • Questions? Contact Us for Booking Information and More

    Questions? Contact Us for Booking Information and More

    Keen to find out more about OxyGeneo? Please contact The Beauty Base, who will be happy to guide you through this treatment and answer any questions that you might have. Our team of friendly and highly qualified aestheticians and therapists can also help you assess whether this treatment is the best fit for your goals and needs.

    We also provide a variety of other highly effective face beauty treatments.
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    To find an Oxygeneo facial near me, visit our store locator.

    Questions? Contact Us for Booking Information and More

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