While beauty products and facials make a great impact on your skin, it is perfect for routine maintenance of how we look and feel. At times, we need something more to help reverse skin damage or repair skin.

This is where technology comes into play. Onda Coolwaves is a revolutionary product in the health and beauty industry that has proven to be effective to solve a wide range of problems.

What is Onda Coolwaves?

Onda Coolwaves is one of its kind body sculpting machine. What makes it different is the targeted customisation it offers and the technology it uses. Onda Coolwaves makes use of microwave technology that allows for the reduction of localised fat cells. This non-invasive technology has fans all over the world because of its precision and controllable intensity that it can be used on your face as well.

How does it work?

Onda Coolwaves utilises microwaves that are emitted to your skin in the form of concentrated beams. Previously done similar technology like laser has been rendered less effective when compared to onda. This is because the highest concentration of the penetrated radiation was limited to the dermis and only a small fraction of the laser was able to pass through that to the actual subcutaneous fat layer.

Onda Coolwaves maintains the emitted waves from the device to the targeted subcutaneous membrane which is broken down to destroy fat cells. The spotlight on these microwaves is due to their specified frequency which does not damage any neighboring cells but are only absorbed by the fat cells. These absorbed waves act on the membrane of subcutaneous cells resulting in the breakdown of the fat cells.

Services Performed by Onda Coolwaves

The Beauty Base offers a wide range of premium skin treatments performed through the latest technology available on the market. We are not only equipped with the right products but also the right professional to ensure the correct use and treatment.

Following are the treatments that we offer:

  • Fat Reduction
    You must have heard of targeted fat loss. Unfortunately, it cannot be achieved through the conventional weight loss methods. Your body tends to lose weight as a while. Onda Coolwaves is an ideal solution for either targeted fat reduction or even as a Kickstarter for your weight loss journey!
  • Chin Sculpting
    Be it genetic or acquired, we all have loose skin under our chins that we wish to get rid of. Say goodbye to decades of face yoga or invasive treatments. Onda Coolwaves offers precision that works perfectly on your face, giving you your sculpted sharp jaw and chin.
  • Body Shaping
    Are you at your ideal weight but want little tweaks in your body? This is made possible without any total body weight loss through Onda Coolwaves. Your desired areas are targeted for fat reduction giving you a toned and better shaped body.
  • Cellulite Reduction
    Tired of dimples on your thighs, arms or anywhere else in your body? Onda Coolwaves are not just limited to targeting fat but they also play a vital role in cellulite reduction giving you the ideal summer body.
  • Skin tightening & toning
    If you are a victim of old age or just went through a massive body transformation, chances are that you have loose skin. The Beauty Base offers full body solutions for skin tightening and toning services, transform yourself today.

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Coolwaves™ Body Contouring

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