Get glowy, sun-kissed bronze skin in a matter of minutes!
Sun tanning can not only be harmful to your skin but also unachievable in many cases. Spray tanning allows you to get airbrushed, bronzed skin in a matter of minutes without going orange!

The Beauty Base offers premium spray tanning services that leave your body with a healthy glow and the most natural looking tan like you just can from the beach! It is the ultimate option for those who want perfect glimmering tanned skin; without compromising on health and sun burnt skin.

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Spray Tanning

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  • What is Spray Tanning?

    What is Spray Tanning?

    This treatment uses a tanning spray which contains a chemical called dihydroxyacetone commonly known as DHA, that gives you effective results for up to seven to eight days, giving you a bronzed look without oxidation or spending hours in the sun.

    Who can have spray tanning?

    Some tanning formulae are age-specific and The Beauty Base caters to a wide spectrum of people with different skin types trying to achieve different tanning shades, there is something for everyone here. At the minimum age of 16 you can have spray tanning with parental consent. Breastfeeding mothers are suggested to cover their breasts with sticky pads or can apply paw paw ointment before getting a spray tan. The Beauty Base takes good care of its guests and their needs.


    The Beauty Base is always apprehensive towards their guests and uses the tested products only. But it is highly recommended that those who have any medical problem or are pregnant must consult their doctors before making an appointment.

    What is Spray Tanning?
  • What to know before getting a spray tan:

    What to know before getting a spray tan:

    We want you to get the most out of your spray tan with gorgeous, long-lasting results. To ensure the best possible outcome, here are a few factors that need to be taken care of:

    • Stop using oil based moisturizers.
    • Prior to treatment you should not be wearing any makeup or scented products.
    • You should avoid exfoliation, waxing and shaving at least 24 hours before spray tanning.
    • Come to salon freshly showered (minimum 8 hours before appointment)
    • For appointments, don’t wear tight clothes or shoes to avoid friction.

    After-care for Spray Tan

    • Your therapist will advise the recommended duration to wait before rinsing depending on your desired results (1.5 – 8 hours).
    • Rinse off with lukewarm water and do not use any products.
    • Only pat skin dry with a towel.
    • Wait 6-8 hours or until the next morning to moisturise your skin.
    • True colour of tan will appear after about 8 hours.
    What to know before getting a spray tan:
  • Why should you opt for a spray tan?

    Why should you opt for a spray tan?

    Yes. Sunless tanning is one of the safest procedures out there to achieve a bronzed look. Tanning under the sun is a tricky process from using the right sunscreen to your exposure duration and the covered areas. Additionally, sun exposure leads to serious damage by the UV rays that causes early signs of aging and even runs a chance of causing skin cancer in the long run.

    Here at the Beauty Base, we use the safest formulas that are true to their promised tones, infused with skin-benefitting ingredients, it is an all-in-one treat for your body.

    Why should you opt for a spray tan?
  • When should I get a spray tan for an event?

    When should I get a spray tan for an event?

    The ideal time to get a spray tan for perfect results is two days before your event. This allows the tan to absorb into your skin and give you the bronzed glow from within.

    After the appropriate time frame the tanning starts to dwindle evenly. But it is also noted that everyone has different skin types so you can’t expect that your tan also goes away like them. The tan will stay longer if you care for it in the suggested way and keep your skin hydrated.

     Is Sunblock still needed after treatment?

    Sunblocks help you fight against UV rays when you go in contact with the sun. It is always highly recommended to use good sunblock like O Cosmedics Mineral Pro SPF 30+ available in tinted and non-tinted shades.

    The beauty base experts gives their guests some after-care recommendations which include:

    • We supply disposable g-strings for our guest to wear during their treatment.
    • We will apply a moisture barrier cream to areas where the tan can tend to build up
    • Avoid wearing tight clothes for at least 24 hours.
    • We provide our valued guests with aftercare products to help care for your tan and prolong your results.
    When should I get a spray tan for an event?

Spray Tanning

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