Want to improve your skin’s structure with the most natural lifting option on the market? Collagen stimulators and skin boosters are here to give your skin the kickstart it requires to naturally bring back your youth.
The biggest cause of aging at any stage is accelerated cell death which makes your system prioritise basic functioning over cell repair. This may occur due to several physical, biochemical and environmental factors but the organ that suffers the most is your skin. Lack of overall cells result in lesser collagen production leading to skin thinning and wrinkles.

We tackle the core problem through localised delivery of the key products right into your skin, in special targeted areas to give your face structure, definition all while removing wrinkles and tightening your skin.

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Collagen Stimulators and Skin Boosters

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  • What are Collagen Stimulators and Skin Boosters?

    What are Collagen Stimulators and Skin Boosters?

    Collagen makes up your skin’s infrastructure and lack of it leads to decreased skin elasticity and definition. Collagen stimulators as the name suggests are injectables made from skin boosting elements that help in adding volume to depressed areas. They add to skin thickness, firmness and especially target any shallow or deep wrinkles in your skin.

    What are Collagen Stimulators and Skin Boosters?
  • The Procedure

    The Procedure

    Several skin boosters and collagen stimulators are highly regulated treatments that are to be only administered by healthcare professionals.

    The biggest benefit of collagen stimulators is that you face is not injected with synthetic collagen but skin-loving ingredients that cater to your skin problems and naturally stimulate its own neocollagenesis (collagen producing function).

    These stimulators and boosters are injected into the deep layers of the skin. The best results are produced from more than one treatment depending on our healthcare practitioner’s advice. Each treatment is often followed by a certain degree of swelling that works as an instant solution to your fold and wrinkles. As the inflammation goes down with time, your skin’s own collagen production is already started which takes over and maintains your skin’s firmness and structure.

    The Procedure
  • How long will my skin boosters last?

    How long will my skin boosters last?

    This treatment is centered towards giving your skin what it needs the most. With the target being to stimulate your skin’s own system, the results can last a year or even two with the right care. They start showing after a few months and can be further maintained with occasional treatments.

    Collagen Fillers vs. Collagen Stimulators. Which is better?

    While both options have their both pros and cons. The most significant difference other than their chemical makeup is in the results. Collagen fillers refer to injecting actual collagen to your face with instant dramatic, tightening effects. Collagen stimulators on the other hand are biostimulators that allow your own system to generate its own collagen. It is the most natural way to get the ideal, results overtime with minimal side effects and skin that looks elegant and natural.

    How long will my skin boosters last?

Collagen Stimulators and Skin Boosters

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Here at The Beauty Base, we work in collaboration with Dr. Peter Bakaric and his impeccable team of medical professionals. With his reputation and decades of professional experience with cosmetic procedures, we ensure that you are provided with renowned professionals for every treatment. The Beauty Base follows strict procedures and guidelines to make your experience with us luxurious and beneficial in every possible way.

Transform your skin, make it naturally radiant and firm with the right procedure here at The Beauty Base.

We offer Collagen Stimulators and Skin Boosters at our globally recognised salons, which have won several awards for the luxurious and cosmedic grade treatments we offer.

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