The Beauty Base

The Beauty Base

Core Values

Guest Centric

The Golden Thread

Its pièce de résistance, The Beauty Base is founded on an unrivalled commitment to benchmark customer service where our guests and their experience is paramount – without exception. This impeccably high standard, known as the ‘Golden Thread’, follows our guests through each step of their Beauty Base experience and ties the signature service neatly together from start to finish.


The Beauty in the Beauty Base

The heart and soul of The Beauty Base is the people. In over twenty years of service, The Beauty Base Team have shared an incredible connection with our guests, the true heartbeat of the salons, that extends far beyond the treatment room. It is this bond that has created The Beauty Base culture where mutual respect, care and trust is abundant.

Family Culture

The Beauty Base Community

Walking through the doors at The Beauty Base feels like walking into your home with an immediate sense of family wrapped in each greeting. Whether the visit is your first or your weekly, The Beauty Base nurtures a unique and wonderful community where everyone from our staff to our guests are treated as part of one Beauty Base Family.

Results Driven

The Butterfly Effect

The Beauty Base is committed to achieving transformative skin health results and is home to a world-class menu of cutting-edge skin treatments, products and services that treat a wide range of skin concerns. Like the signature butterfly, The Beauty Base team of expert therapists use their knowledge to guide each guest through their skin health journey ensuring their destination is ultimately the best and happiest version of their skin and themselves possible.

Globally Recognised Award-Winning Salons

The Trophy Cabinet

Luxury treatment experiences, with above and beyond service, has seen The Beauty Base earn international and domestic recognition, winning a multitude of highly coveted awards.

The Butterfly

Beauty Starts Here


In its most obvious and physical form, the Butterfly represents transformation, the manifestation of change and growth. At The Beauty Base, the Butterfly symbolises our guests who, with the guidance, knowledge and care of The Beauty Base Team, sets and achieves their beauty goals and ultimately transforms their skin and self simultaneously.


Soul The Butterfly is often described as a symbol of the soul. It perpetuates never-ending life, captured in beauty and grace, and speaks to a lasting relationship between The Beauty Base, our guests and our on-going commitment to skin health.

New Beginnings

Acknowledging the beauty in the journey from the closing of one of life’s chapters to the opening of the next. Understanding that everything that came before is the catalyst for results – that our guests are beautiful in each phase of their Beauty Base journey and that those results empower a new start, new attitude, new opportunities and ultimately, new beginning.

We welcome you to The Beauty Base.