You know what’s better than one facial treatment? Two!

Feel pampered and rejuvenated with the perfect facial from The Beauty Base.

Combining two of our most effective skincare facials that are known for their revolutionary results on our guest’s skin, this Micro/Oxygen facial combines microdermabrasion with supplying adequate pure oxygen to your skin. We need oxygen for more than just breathing, every organ of our body functions better if provided more and fresh oxygen without pollution, with skin being the biggest organ of the body, the impact of pure oxygen delivered directly to your skin greatly helps in skin rejuvenation. Ideal for tired, dull skin that need that oomph to transform it, oxygen is going to be your best friend.

The Science Behind Micro/Oxygen Facial

While it is true that two facials are better than one but what also matters is how they are combined. These combo facials at the Beauty Base have gone through extensive research to modify and make it better for our guests. We have combined facials that are great on their own but together, they are even better. Microdermabrasion causes minute, controlled injuries to your skin that stimulates your skin’s response to those but also the scars, hyperpigmentation, acne and several other skin problems that are not healing on their own, this causes the top layer of the skin to be more penetrable. Microdermabrasion before oxygen treatment not only stimulates your cell’s healing response but it absorbs the products more readily, making the treatment more effective for both processes.

What is included in the Micro / Oxy facial?

The facial starts off by simple cleansing, to get the canvas ready. No treatment or facial can be done without starting off with cleansing to remove the dirt or the makeup from your skin. This is followed by exfoliation that helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells, getting rid of the top dead skin layer of the skin will allow better microdermabrasion, more covered area and for the treatments to really sink in to your skin.

Following the exfoliation, a three-in-one fruit peel mask is applied which is enriched with nutrients and real fruit extract that deliver your skin its lost nourishment. Our skin therapists with the help of the right tools, perform microdermabrasion on your skin. This crated minor controlled injuries that stimulates your skin’s response system, leading to increase in collagen while unclogging pores and revealing a smoother skin. A relaxing rubber mask is applied to soothe the skin followed by oxygen treatment for plumping and hydrating the skin and finishing off with a luxurious serum according to your skin requirements.

Micro/Oxygen Facial
at The Beauty Base

You deserve a day to yourself and this is the ideal facial to revive your skin.

Delivered by one of the top dermal therapists of Australia, The Beauty Base offers a relaxing environment, leading technology and the most innovative tools to give your skin a breather and letting it heal on its own.

We offer the Micro / Oxygen facial treatment at our globally recognised salons, which have won several awards for the luxurious and cosmedic grade treatments we offer.

Please call into any of our salons to book your Micro / Oxygen facial appointment and to speak to one of our friendly therapists.