Cosmetic Tattooing

Duration: 30-120 mins | Price: On consultation
Available at the Luxury Spa and Laser & Dermal Clinic


Duration: 30-120 mins | Price: On consultation
Available at the Luxury Spa and Laser & Dermal Clinic

Permanent cosmetic makeup is a state of the art form of cosmetic tattooing. The specialised techniques used for permanent cosmetics are often referred to as “micropigmentation”, “micropigment implantation” or “dermagraphics”. The cosmetic implantation technique deposits tiny individual implants of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.

With over 10 years’ experience in Cosmetic Tattooing, Sarah Kroh is an expert in all areas of semi-permanent cosmetic. With advanced and updated training in microblading and feathering techniques, each treatment is specifically designed to suit the individuals skin type, skin tone and facial structure.

Sarah offers a FREE consultation to discuss your options and expectations to show you what results can be achieved. We know you will love her just as much as we have for 10 years and counting!

How is it done?

The team at the Beauty Base will bring out the symmetry and balance in your face that will greatly enhance your beauty. First we use traditional makeup to show how we will achieve your desired look. We will advise you on the most appropriate colours to compliment your skin and hair tone. Pigments are custom blended to match clients natural skin tones and individual preferences.

Then, using cosmetic pencils, we will create a design to allow you to visualise the end results. When you are happy with the results only then will we apply permanent cosmetics.

The pigment is inserted into the skin using single use sterile needles. The procedure last between 30-120 minutes depending on the treatment. This includes consultation and numbing time.


Does it hurt?

A topical anaesthetic is applied prior and during the treatment. This numbs the area on which to be worked on. Very rarely does a client complain about any discomfort or pain.

How long does it last?

We always suggest to my Brow and Lip clients to get a colour boost within 18 months of their initial procedure. A colour boost refreshes the colour back to its original colour and is done at half the cost. Clients who get dark eye liners will find that they can last for up to 3 years. Keep in mind that all skin is different and the environmental conditions we are exposed to varies from person to person.

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