Want to get a little taste of the spa? This spa package experience is perfect for you.

Whether you are easing yourself into massages or are just short on time, The Beauty Base has got you covered with our ideal introductory spa experience.

The Beauty Base has designed a special package that allows our guests to experience the luxurious and decadent spa treatments in a shorter time frame when compared to some of our other spa experiences.

Sweet Spa Sensation is an ideal package for people who are new to spa treatments. It allows you to get the gist of it and then later be able to determine which spa treatments are right for you. However, this is not perfect just as an introductory package but also for people who are always on a time crunch and need a short yet relaxing treatment to unwind themselves, relieve your mind and muscles off of stress.

What to expect with the Sweet Spa Sensation

The Beauty Base takes pride in its award-winning spa treatments and ensures that the value for money is always delivered. We do not compromise on quality and every little factor is controlled by us to provide you with an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

This decadent package involves a soothing Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage which is then followed by an extensive skin radiance facial. All of our packages are not just limited to body care. We strive to offer quality and value without having our guests to make multiple appointments to avail different services.

Our Skin Radiance facial is a highly tailored treatment that is performed by a designated skin therapist. We conduct a thorough skin consultation which involves our therapists examining your skin to be able to tailor and customize the facial according to your skin type and requirements. We use high-end luxury products with brand values that resonates with us considering environmental impact.

Followed by the Skin Radiance Facial comes our very own eye rescue treatments that de-puffs your eyes and the products employed penetrate deep into your skin, brightening and increasing collagen around your eye area to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Award-winning Spa Treatment at The Beauty Base

Experience luxury with our Sweet Spa Sensation package. All of our treatments are carefully designed to ensure utmost satisfaction. Our spa rooms are structured in ways to isolate you from the surroundings while providing you privacy to enjoy your relaxing treatment. The Beauty Base also has fully stocked tearooms that lets you ease into the process for you to mentally prepare and relax yourself.

We employ scientifically proven and backed methods that aid in relieving muscle stress and mental strain. Our team is routinely trained and follows strict set of instructions and methods that are targeted towards your comfort.

Sweet Spa Sensation
at The Beauty Base

We offer the Sweet Spa Sensation Package at our globally recognised salons, which have won several awards for the luxurious and cosmedic grade treatments we offer.

Please call into any of our salons to book your Sweet Spa Sensation Experience and to speak to one of our friendly therapists.