Give your lashes the oomph it needs!

Wake up with perfect, volumised, curled and tinted lashes every day! Tired of following the long routine of curling your lashes, applying several coats of mascara only for your lashes to look clumped? Well, not anymore. The Beauty Base offers premium lash lifting services which separates, tints and curls your lashes within a matter of minutes. Get the fluttery natural lashes of your dreams!

How is a lash lift done?

The process of lash lifting consists of a few steps. It begins with choosing the correct size of the rod (small, medium, large or extra-large) depending on your lashes’ length. Then a rod is applied which is coated with medical-grade adhesive to the base of the lash line to press, straighten and lift the lashes.

Following this, a lifting lotion is applied from the base of the lashes for up to 8 minutes, depending on the thickness of the lashes. After removing lotion, a setting lotion is applied from the roots of the lashes similarly for 5-minutes only.

Finally, the silicon pad is removed and a mixture of Belmacil eyelash tint and antioxidants is applied. The mixture is removed followed by combing of your lashes to reveal your new natural lashes. 


 There are no harsh restrictions on this service. When you are coming for lash lift service, just make sure you have followed the following instructions:

  • Remove your contact lenses before your appointment.
  • Don’t use eye makeup before your appointment.
  • If you use EyEnvy lash growth serum, stop using it one week before your lash lift session.
  • You are required to inform your therapist of any eye allergies or infections you have because unfortunately; we cannot perform your treatment in that case.

Lash extensions are generally safe for your eyes and will not harm your natural lashes. There are also no side effects of any products used in this service, The Beauty Base uses medical-grade ingredients and cosmeceutical products that are as gentle on your eyes as they are effective. Our skin therapists and experts conduct a lash consultation process in which they determine the type of the treatment required for your lashes and if the products are compatible with your allergies or requirements.

Can you use mascara on top of your lash lift?

While you won’t really need a mascara after a lash lift by the Beauty Base but if required, it is recommended to use Ellevate Mascara after 48 hours of getting the procedure done. The Beauty Base houses all the products that are suggested to our guests for their convenience.

How long does a lash lift take?

The lash lifting takes just 45-60 minutes. With our efficient service, we make this treatment relaxing and comfortable for our guests.

Lash lifts can last up to 12 weeks depending on how you care for your lashes. It is recommended to rebook your next appointment for a lash lift after 12 weeks.

After-care of a Lash Lift

The first 48 hours following a lash lift are critical to keeping those stunning results and it’s required that you avoid water, mascara, heavy exercises, and swimming. It is not suggested to use oil-based products on lashes following a lash lift since oil tends to break down the products. Oil-free cleansers are your best friends for keeping your lashes in good condition for a longer period.

The EyEnvy lash growth serum is an excellent lash after-care treatment which should be used for a week following your lash lift. This will help your lashes nourish and thicken.

Lash Lift
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