What is a Healite Facial?

Similar to what the name suggests, a healite facial incorporates the use of the Healite device, it offers a low-level light therapy which gives your skin laser-like results. The biggest advantage of getting healite is that unlike laser treatments that are not suitable for darker skin tones, this is suitable for all skin types and tones.

Healite is therapeutic process that enhances your cellular recovery process, increasing collagen, healing scars and improving hyperpigmentation. This treatment combined with a facial gives you a therapeutic experience perfect for a day to just yourself.

The facial starts off with extensive cleansing that gets rid of any impurities that’s in your face followed by exfoliation to remove any dead skin cells. This helps in ensuring that all the treatments and the products used are going to be effective on the skin.

After this a physical exfoliation is used to ensure effective penetration of Healite. This is followed by a very relaxing therapeutic cream mask that rejuvenates your skin. After all this, the guest undergoes healite treatment. To ensure that you get the best results out of it, a moisturizer and SPF is applied to your skin followed by skin serums according to your skin type and problem.

Is a Healite Facial right for me?

Here at the Beauty Base, we know that no two people have the same skin which is why we keep our treatments highly tailored to our guest’s requirements.

A Healite facial is perfect for those wanting to promote skin rejuvenation and healing. Perfect for those wanting to achieve a healthy glow before a big event without downtime.

After a healite facial you will notice the appearance of the tone and texture of your skin improve, acne and rosacea will appear less inflamed and after continuous treatments the results of pigmentation and scarring will be visibly noticeable. Heallite facials also complement dermal treatment by speeding up the healing process.

Healite Facial
at The Beauty Base

Facials at the Beauty Base are specially designed to cater to modern-day skin concerns. With our guests and their comfort being our biggest priority, you get to experience the most relaxing experience in a soothing atmosphere. Having added a hand and arm massage during the healite facial, we have got you covered for a day off from a busy schedule. Treat yourself the right way by rewarding your skin.

We offer the Healite Facial treatment at our globally recognised salons, which have won several awards for the luxurious and cosmedic grade treatments we offer.

Please call into any of our salons to book your Healite Facial appointment and to speak to one of our friendly therapists.