The best investment that you can make is in yourself and what better way to do it than give your mind and body a well-deserved break so that you can increase your overall performance and enjoy long-term benefits?

The Beauty Base is an award-winning beauty clinic with state-of-the art spa treatments that will leave you transformed. All of our treatments are carefully designed to cater to a wide range of requirements, budgets and guests.

Our signature full body massage is regarded by our guests as one of our most sought after services and it gives you the ideal, luxurious experience that will have your body thanking you for.

Who is the Signature Full Body Massage for?

The intricate art of spa treatments can be highly tailored and is greatly dependent on your body. Our therapists are The Beauty Base ensure to provide you with the right consultation. However, spa treatments are best known when experienced for yourself.

Our signature massage provides all that a spa treatment has to offer in one package. Our therapists provide you with an extensive full body massage that targets muscles of your neck, back and shoulders that helps in de-stressing them while giving your muscles some break. We focus on the medical and health aspect of these treatments, employing practices that stimulate cell regeneration through increased blood supply and nutrients also greatly decreases chances of any muscular disorders like atrophy or dystrophy.

Massages are aimed towards manual manipulation of your body tissues that allows them to relax your body, lower your heart rate and blood pressure while relieving the tension in your muscles. These massages are great for people with jobs that requires them to stay in a certain position for longer periods of time or even the ones with daily activity requiring extra use of muscles.

What can I expect from the Signature Massage?

Our signature massage takes care of your muscles and any knots (bump-like areas that can be sometimes painful and may cause muscle restriction) through a relaxing 60 minute long Swedish massage. Our therapists are highly trained and experienced who tailor the treatment according to your concerns and requirements. We take care of minute details like the pressure for the treatment to ensure your satisfaction.

Having years of experience in providing our guests impeccable spa services, our staff focuses on the science behind these treatments and ensure that you leave our premises with a truly rewarding experience both physically and mentally.

Signature Full Body Massage
at The Beauty Base

Over the years, The Beauty Base has significantly improved and is always focusing on minute aspects that make up for an overall relaxing experience. Our spa section is specially built to provide each guest with complete privacy as they unwind and indulge into their relaxing massage. The products used are all infused with therapeutic ingredients that relax your muscles while nourishing your skin.

We take pride in our spa facility and our team of professionals. Discover a new world of spa treatments at the Beauty Base with our luxurious Signature Massage, the perfect investment for your body and mind.

We offer the Signature Massage treatment at our globally recognised salons, which have won several awards for the luxurious and cosmedic grade treatments we offer.

Please call into any of our salons to book your Signature Massage appointment and to speak to one of our friendly therapists.