At-home coarse physical exfoliation resulted in uncontrolled abrasion of skin which often times damaged your skin irreparably. In addition to the damage, physical exfoliation seldom helps in really getting the impurities out from your skin. Skin Peels and chemically rich exfoliants that absorb into your skin and exfoliate from within. Different exfoliating acids have different particle sizes and exfoliating strengths that provide you with varying levels of exfoliation. The biggest benefit of using chemical exfoliants is the penetration and cleansing from within, completely omitting skin abrasion. The Beauty Base houses a vast range of carefully-selected skin peels for a variety of different types to provide you a complete exfoliating treatment, revealing renewed and texture-free skin from within.

Skin peels have taken the beauty industry by the storm and we are all here for it. The right peeling treatment can give you dramatic results with just one sitting. The Beauty Base has qualified and trained skin therapists that provide you with the right treatment for your skin age, type and issues. We house a wide range of skin peels from worldwide premium brands that are sworn by the users and the professionals. We focus beyond just the promised treatment. Every skin peel used by The Beauty Base has gone through thorough examination of the ingredients and is loved by all our guests. Your clear, rejuvenated, smooth texture-free skin awaits you.
Here are the skin peels offered at all the branches of the Beauty Base:

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Skin Peels

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  • Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

    Skin peels are not just limited to exfoliation. Pumpkin Enzyme Peel has a unique formula enriched with nutrients, enzymes and vitamins from pumpkin in a cocktail that penetrates deep into your skin, get rid of the impurities and replenishes it with all the good ingredients that it comes packed with.

    Pumpkin Enzyme Peel
  • Pomegranate Enzyme Peel

    Pomegranate has historical significance for being good for skin. The peels incorporate the goodness of pomegranates with the exfoliation power of skin peels, delivering you a revitalising experience. The mild exfoliation allows for the removal of dead skin cells whereas the nutrients from the pomegranate enzyme peel are allowed to absorb deep into your skin for a fuller looking, younger skin.

    Pomegranate Enzyme Peel
  • Oxygen Enzyme Peel

    Significance of oxygen is not just limited to your lungs. The blood vessels underneath your face is often deprived of pure oxygen. This chemical peel is enriched with enzymes that stimulate cell regeneration and ingredients delivering pure oxygen to your skin while offering moderate chemical exfoliation.

    Oxygen Enzyme Peel
  • Catalyst Retinol Peel

    Retinol is a holy-grail anti-aging product with proven research. It improves skin texture, fine-lines and wrinkles. Catalyst Retinol Peel not only deposits retinol onto your skin but due to the exfoliating action of the skin peel, your skin is sensitive to the products applied to it and tends to readily absorb it into the dermis. This chemical peel is ideal for people with skin texture and for those who are looking to set their skin age back a few years.

    Catalyst Retinol Peel
  • Bio White Peptide Peel

    Got hyperpigmentation and dark spots? The Beauty Base has got just the right treatment for you! This skin peel is formulated with brightening agents that target skin pigmentation and dark spots that often occur due to prolonged sun exposure. Bio White Peptide Peel is a go-to for an even skin tone with a youthful glow.

    Bio White Peptide Peel

Skin Peels

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We offer the Skin Peels at our globally recognised salons, which have won several awards for the luxurious and cosmetic grade treatments we offer. Please call into any of our salons to book your Skin Peels appointment and to speak to one of our friendly therapists.