Do you wish that stubborn chin fat was gone and that you could take control of your facial appearance?

The Beauty Base is here for the rescue with our revolutionary chin sculpting services. We have all at some point wanted to just tweak that little something in our face structures to give us more definition, Onda Coolwaves have made chin sculpting possible without the need for an invasive surgical treatment.


What is Onda Coolwaves?

This intricately designed machine emits concentrated beams of energy that penetrates right through your skin’s epidermis to act on the subcutaneous fatty layer. These packets of energy act on the membranes of subcutaneous cells, reducing their production and decreasing their quantity which leads to overall toning of that part of the body. The energy emitted is highly customizable to the point that it is completely safe to use on your face.

Your chin can dictate your face shape, get the ideal toned look in just a matter of hours with The Beauty Base.

Is this the right treatment for me?

Be it a double chin or mere jawline enhancement, this treatment caters to everyone who wants definition in their face structure. The waves administered reduce your accumulated fat cells that allows for instant definition and natural contouring. Be it a special day or even a day-to-day look, you can never go wrong with the rightly done chin sculpting.

Due to the treatment’s own nature of instantly delivering cool waves to calm down your skin, this makes it ideal for anyone with a busy schedule for a non-invasive and a non-surgical fix to a double chin. Your skin’s topmost layer is cooled to avoid any damage or inflammation that leads to no downtime at all to this treatment. You are all set to go by your day right after the treatment but it is advised to avoid the sun for at least 2 days and always keep yourself hydrated for optimum results.

How many sessions will I require?

While everyone’s principal physiology is based on the same concepts, our histology differs from person to person due to several internal and external factors. Number of sessions greatly depend on the current condition of the chin, the amount of work required and your body’s own response to the treatment. These results can be prolonged through the after-care and some nutritional changes suggested by our experts.

Chin Sculpting
at The Beauty Base

The Beauty Base is always dedicated towards ensuring premium quality services through highly trained and qualified staff members who take care of minute details and tend to tailor every service according to your requirements. Before the treatment, our therapists offer consultation to clear your doubts and to guide you throughout the process. The Beauty base has been a trusted beauty clinic for aesthetic services for over two decades, always praised by our guests for our maintenance of high standards.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your chin perfectly sculpted and enjoy the skin your in.

We offer Chin Sculpting treatments at our globally recognised salons, which have won several awards for the luxurious and cosmedic grade treatments we offer.

Please call into any of our salons to book your Chin Sculpting appointment and to speak to one of our friendly therapists