Wondering how to get healthy balanced skin?

Skin is the largest organ of the body and represents you the most. The Beauty Base offers several facials that cater to different skin needs. Hot weather often stimulates sebum production, and this leads to oily skin, clogged pores and a lot of breakouts. Oily skin can be a huge problem for a lot of people not just as a health concern but also when it comes to appearance and how your makeup sits on your skin.

Unbalanced skin can affect not just your confidence but also the payout that you get from several skincare products.

It is not just oily skin that needs to be treated but all skin types require purifying treatments every now and then to get all the gunk out of their face, especially build up from being exposed to pollution.

With our Purifying Facial, we provide a skincare treatment that caters to the needs of different skin types, especially oily/combination skin.

Why do you need a skin-saver Purifying Facial?

We know our skin doesn’t remain the same as we grow. It sheds essential minerals, oil, and moisturisers, and becomes impure by every coming day. This Purifying Facial helps you to get your lost alluring skin no matter what skin problem you are facing. This treatment is compatible with every skin issue whether it is congestion, breakouts, blackheads, milia, or even skin irritation.

What is a Purifying Facial and how does it work?

Purifying facials provide thorough cleansing and toning of the skin. It works to the deep layers of the epidermis, exfoliating dead cells and extracting impurities while simultaneously infusing essential botanical and medicinal ingredients without any pain. As a result, our guests get noticeably improved tone, texture, skin clarity, and balanced moisture.

What makes it unique? How do we innovate from others?

We offer you personalised treatment for each unique skin type. Our highly trained therapists examine ours guests’ skin, to determine the primary issues they desire to be addressed in the treatment.

What is our greatest asset?

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Purifying Facial treatment is a sophisticated purification treatment. It rejuvenates and refines your skin by exfoliating dead cells, extracting dust and pollutants, and infusing minerals and moisturisers into your skin. Your skin will be free of clogged pores, blackheads, congestion, oily and irritated skin. Often our guests say that their skin becomes smooth, refined, and noticeably clear, which makes for a wonderful glow each day with your pure and healthy skin.

Purifying Facial
at The Beauty Base

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