Concerned about fine lines and ageing shadowing your beautiful complexion?
Ageing is an inevitable process that causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear on your face, more commonly around the eyes and forehead. However, they may also appear around the mouth, nose and neck. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to form due to continuous muscle contractions and regular facial movements such as squinting, smiling or frowning.

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Anti Wrinkle Injections

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  • What are Anti-wrinkle injections?

    What are Anti-wrinkle injections?

    Anti-wrinkle injections work to combat wrinkles and other signs of aging by administering a small amount of a natural purified protein. This protein relaxes the targeted muscles, leading to a smoother outer skin layer, leaving your skin even and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
    The injected substance is administered in small quantities, blocking nerve signals in the muscles to freeze them. This process inhibits muscle movements, resulting in the softening and reduction of wrinkles.

    What are Anti-wrinkle injections?
  • What to expect from Anti-wrinkle treatments?

    What to expect from Anti-wrinkle treatments?

    On average, 1 to 3 injections or units are given to each muscle. However, the number of units an individual needs differs from person to person based on various medical factors like skin type, issues and elasticity. The number of units are decided accurately by a certified medical doctor or nurse during our guests consultation.

    Each treatment is personalised to our guests needs. The procedure is administered by a medical expert who injects a small amount of the prescribed product into the selected facial muscles using a very fine needle.

    Anti-wrinkle treatments show effectiveness 2-3 days after the first treatment whereas their full effect is visible within 7-14 days. The treatment usually lasts for 3 to 5 months, varying from person to person.

    What to expect from Anti-wrinkle treatments?
  • Benefits of Anti-wrinkle injections

    Benefits of Anti-wrinkle injections

    The Beauty Base employs anti-wrinkle injections that are approved and are declared safe for use.

    Some benefits are:

    • Soften fine lines & wrinkles– Dramatically reduces visible signs of aging in expression lines
    • Rejuvenated skin– Anti-wrinkle injections restore and rejuvenate your skin leaving it younger-looking, refreshed, and vibrant.
    • Quick & lasting results– Effects are visible within the first 2 – 3 days of treatment and last for months while also preventing the formation or intensity of future lines.
    Benefits of Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti Wrinkle Injections

at The Beauty Base

Here at The Beauty Base, a significant amount of research goes into the newest and best cosmetic treatments that are used around the globe. Our premium quality products used in treatments are applied by medical professionals. Our doctors and nurses carefully provide each cosmetic treatment according to your needs.

We work in collaboration with Dr. Peter Bakaric and his impeccable team of medical professionals. With his reputation and decades of professional experience with cosmetic procedures, we ensure that you are provided with renowned professionals for every treatment. The Beauty Base follows strict procedures and guidelines to make your experience with us luxurious and beneficial in every possible way.

Our anti-wrinkle treatments leave the surface layer of the skin above smoothened while the untreated muscles contract as usual, keeping the normal facial expressions unaffected.

We offer the Cosmetic Anti-Wrinkle Injections at our globally recognised salons, which have won several awards for the luxurious and cosmedic grade treatments we offer.

Please call into any of our salons to book your Anti Wrinkle Injection appointment and to speak to one of our friendly therapists.