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New Year’s Eve Beauty Essentials

New Year’s Eve Beauty Essentials

New Year’s Eve is the night of the year most of us glam up and wear sequins!

We want you looking and feeling your best when ringing in the New Year so that you can start 2019 on a high, so we’ve compiled this list of our beauty preparation and essentials for you.

1. Exfoliate your face to create a flawless makeup base
DIY at home with your favourite exfoliant from our Dermalogica range or treat yourself and book in for a facial that will detoxify and remove any impurities and dead skin to give you a fresh canvas to work from when you’re applying your very best New Year’s Eve makeup.

2. Makeup application
Our team of talented and professional make-up artists will create a stunning look for your New Year’s Eve plans, from only $60 for a full face of glam. Make sure you book in early to secure a spot.

3. Bronzed glow
Feel bronzed, glowy and confident with a Naked Tan from The Beauty Base! Naked Tan is made of natural ingredients and will leave you with a natural looking colour that suits your preferences.

4. Eyes of envy
Change your whole look with any of our lash services. We’ll give you just for the night party lashes or can also give you natural looking lashes that will last into the New Year. Our lash services include lash enhancements (extensions), lash lift, lash tint, fake lash application.

Check out the latest makeup trends and you can use as inspiration for your New Year’s Eve glam:

The disco ball look – silver glitter cut crease on the eye lids!

Photo credit: Instagram @shanigrimmond

The subtle pink champagne look – pretty in pink champagne glitter eyes that are soft and elegant.

Photo credit: Pintrest

The red look – a vibrant warm tone eye look with a bold red lip.

Photo credit: Pintrest – ColourPop Cosmetics

The dramatic smokey eye look – a classic black sultry smokey eye look.

Photo credit: Pintrest

The golden goddess look – a warm tone golden eye, with lots of bronzed luminosity on the face and lots of highlighter.

Photo credit: Instagram @desiperkins

Secure your New Year’s Eve beauty glam appointments now before they all book out! Call The Beauty Base Luxury on 46461832 or The Beauty Base Laser & Dermal Clinic on 4647 8806.

Winners of Inskin’s Sapphire Award

Winners of Inskin’s Sapphire Award

Proudly #1 in Australia for O’Cosmedics 


The Beauty Base team have loved the awards season this year, with our awards growing thanks to our beautiful and amazing guests.

We are very honoured to announce that we have won the SAPPHIRE AWARD from Inskin!

We are forever trying to go above and beyond to provide the best customer service along with the best products and services for our amazingly beautiful, kind and loyal guests.

With The Beauty Base winning such prestigious awards hopefully it means we are doing just that!

The Sapphire Award was given to The Beauty Base for being the #1 status in Australia within a forever growing and innovating company which provide us with only the best products. When you believe so strongly in quality products and trust the company’s vision, the rest just follows. To O’Cosmedics, Dermapen World and EmerginC, thank you for providing our guests with the best skin care and anti-ageing treatments on the market.


To book in for a skin examination or treatment, call The Beauty Base Narellan on 02 4646 1832 or The Beauty Base Laser & Dermal Clinic on 02 4647 8806. We pride ourselves on offering flexibility with your bookings and will work our schedule around YOU!

5 Sydney Beauty Trends for Spring

5 Sydney Beauty Trends for Spring

Winter’s over and we’re welcoming Spring with open arms! We’ve compiled a list of the latest Sydney Spring beauty trends that will freshen up your look for the warmer months.

1. Berry Lips

Berry lips definitely aren’t new, but they are set to be everywhere this summer. This season, the look is lived-in, and worn without lip liner. To apply, pat the colour onto your lips with a finger, then use a small fluffy brush to buff it in. The choice of finish is up to you—we’re seeing everything from tinted balms to velvet matte to super-shiny gloss.

2. Dewy Highlights

A healthy glow can be created very quickly and easily. Begin by moisturising the skin so that you have a glowy base to start with. Pick your choice of highlight whether it’s a powder, cream product or liquid formula. A delicate line of highlighter, on the bridge of your nose or along the cupid’s bow of the lips will gently emphasise the natural contours of your face. Apply the highlighter to anywhere the light hits – such as the inner corners of your eyes, underneath the brow arch, above the cheekbones and on the temples.

3. Flushed Cheeks

Rosy cheeks with pink or red tones is a sign of healthy complexion. Pink, rosy, coral and mauve toned blushes are a hit this year. Blushers in powder form are much better if your skin is oily or breaks out easily. They stay longer and the color payoff is better. Whereas the cream based blushes are more natural looking and are more suitable for dry skin and don’t stick in your fine lines. If your blush brush is big and fluffier, there is a high chance your blush will spread all over the cheeks and will look untidy and messy. Make sure you use the angled brush that is curved from one end. Make sure you whirl your blush brush in the right direction on the apples of your cheeks. For a more blend in the face, take your blush all the way up to your temples and give it a more faded look. Make sure your blush is 3 cm away from your hairline.

4. Skin from Within

A key trend we’ve seen increasingly is the combination of wellness, supplements and skincare. A clear and fresh skin complexion is about what you put on yourself and what you put in yourself, and learning to integrate the two. Drink 2-3 litres of water per day, eat a well rounded and clean diet, take supplements and probiotics as recommended by your local GP or naturopath, and get 30 minutes of exercise a day. This, combined with a good skin care routine as recommended by our skin specialist, will complete the skin from within trend this Spring.

5. Spray tan – Over Sun tan

Naked Tan is the perfect product for those who wish to have that summer glow without exposing themselves to the harmful UV rays of sun. Not only do the UV rays increase your chances of getting skin cancer, they also irreparably damage the collagen in your skin, which is responsible for keeping your skin firm and smooth. Once the collagen is broken down, wrinkles will result. Sunspots are also another nasty side effect of spending too much time sun-baking! Up to 80% of premature skin ageing is caused by the effects of the sun. Naked Tan is the best spray tan option to prevent the risk of damage to your skin so be sun smart and get a healthy Naked Tan. 

To book in for a skin examination or treatment, makeup application or Naked Tan spray tan, call The Beauty Base Narellan on 02 4646 1832 or The Beauty Base Laser & Dermal Clinic on 02 4647 8806. We pride ourselves on offering flexibility with your bookings and will work our schedule around YOU!

Get Perfect Eyebrows With Our New Eyebrow Henna

Get Perfect Eyebrows With Our New Eyebrow Henna

Introducing Henna Brow Tattooing to The Beauty Base!

You’ve probably heard of henna tattooing, but are more than likely thinking (as we were) of the body art that temporarily stains your skin without the life-long commitment of a permanent tattoo. And while you are right- Henna tattooing has been around since Ancient Egyptian times, used to dye everything from hair, to materials and skin-  we are now talking about it in relation to beauty- and more specifically, brows.

Don’t be scared though. It’s simply a temporary brow tattoo, but one that results in a natural, fuller brow.

This exciting new treatment is the perfect addition to your brow sculpting service. ‘Staining’ the skin, Henna tinting is more effective than regular tinting as it sets to a powder like matte finish that last 2-4 weeks depending on the skin type.

This treatment is vegan friendly and all natural. Many suggest that it reduces the need to fill in the brows and adds definition where hairs are sparse or non-existent. No peroxides or preservatives. Perfectly suited to sensitive skin types.

The main difference between the brow tints and henna brow tints is that the henna formula is natural and doesn’t require a developer. It processes with the proteins in your hair, whereas the vegetable dyes used for regular eyebrow tint require hydrogen peroxide to develop the color. When used in your eyebrow hair, henna is considered permanent, but it fades away naturally within a month.

What’s Involved?
– Using their expertise, our highly trained and experienced therapists will work with you to create the perfect brow shape to suit your face.
– After a thorough consultation, we will use either threading or sugaring to achieve your perfect shape.
-To create the look of fullness and rich colour to your brows you can choose from traditional tint or all natural henna and all our brow tints include a head and scalp massage.

To book in for henna eyebrow tattooing call The Beauty Base Narellan on 02 4646 1832 or
The Beauty Base Laser & Dermal Clinic on 02 4647 8806. We pride ourselves on offering flexibility with your bookings and will work our schedule around YOU!

Create Your Perfect Lipstick Shade With The Lip Lab

Create Your Perfect Lipstick Shade With The Lip Lab

Do you struggle to find the perfect lip shade for your complexion? Are you sick of mixing different lip colours and lip liners to create the right shade to suit you?

The Lip Lab is the very first of it’s kind in Australia where you can come in and create your very own lip product with a blending machine. Yes you heard it right! In conjunction with one of our professional lip colour consultants you will be able to choose, mix and apply your own shades right here in the studio!

The lip lab creates, pigmented, creaming and long lasting rich lip products with any unlimited range in shade and colour.

The 3 steps to creating your lip product with the Lip Lab:

  1. CHOOSE – Make an appointment with one of our professional lip lab colour consultants. Pop into our store at Shop 211 Narellan Town Centre North Building, Camden Valley Way, and choose from our huge range of micas and pigments.
  2. MIX – Once you have chosen your colours, flavours and finish we will make it for you on the spot.This process involves heating, mixing and then cooling in our state of the art lipstick moulds.
  3. APPLY – In under 15 minutes your new custom blended lipstick will be ready for you to apply. We will also provide you with a consultation card specifying the blend if you wish to re-order.

Everything you need to know about the lipstick making process…

  • A typical consultation takes around 30 minutes.
  • During a consultation with one of our professional colour consultants we will discuss what colours you normally wear, what you would like to experiment with, textures you prefer, whether you like a creme finish or a matte finish etc.?
  • We blend several colours in front of you and you have the opportunity to make one or as many as you like.
  • There are options to make your own lipstick, lip gloss or both.
  • You can choose your own case for the product. For lip gloss it can be supplied it in either a wand or pot.
  • There are a number of flavours you can add including strawberry, blueberry and citrus to name a few.
  • You can add SPF to your lip product to protect your lips from the sun.
  • There are lots of things you can add such as a lip plumper to make the lips appear fuller whilst you wear lipstick or an anti ager to help prevent lipstick from feathering or creeping into fine lines, to name a few.
  • Pre-made lip liners and nail polish are available for purchase to compliment your finished product.
  • They cater for group bookings and have facilities to service up to 6 people at a time. For large groups i.e. hens parties etc., advanced bookings are required. To enquire or for more information please contact us on 07 4646 1832 or

Price List

  • LIPSTICK $65
  • LIP GLOSS $30
  • LIP PENCIL $25
  • LIP BRUSHES $30-35

Some limited edition Swarovski lipstick cases are available. These can be purchased in store for $85 (standard Swarovski case), $150 (crystal fabric Swarovski case) or $350 (crystal rock Swarovski case). These prices are inclusive of your own custom made lipstick.

Group Bookings

The Lip Lab can be booked exclusively for small groups, events or functions. For private bookings you have full use of the store up to a maximum of three hours. Alternatively we can bring the Lip Lab to you and host parties or corporate events. To make a reservation or for more information please contact us on 07 4646 1832 or

Makeup Application 

Our team of professional makeup-artists are available to create a stunning look for any special occasion, or simply just because! Using only the best hand picked products in the makeup industry, we will also incorporate your perfect Lip Lab shade if you’ve created one.

Call The Beauty Base Narellan on 02 4646 1832 or The Beauty Base Laser & Dermal Clinic on 02 4647 8806 to find out more about the Lip Lab or booking in for a consultation to create your own perfect lipstick shade.