The Beauty Base caters to all hair types and offers customised haircuts to ensure a perfect look for your hair type, length and face shape. Our professionals are trained to provide you extensive care which includes pre-haircut and post-haircut services. Before the haircut, your hair is washed gently and then you get a haircut of your choice by our skilled hairdressers. Followed by the haircut comes a beautiful blow dry for you to complete the look that you desire.

Cut/Blow Dry:

Looking for a quick yet presentable fix? Our only cut and blow dry service gets you ready in no time.

Smooth Out Ends Trim :

Split ends have been the culprit for many common hair issues. The Beauty Base can be your go-to fix for your routine trims. Our experts ensure that your haircut remains intact all while the split ends are trimmed off.

The Beauty Base offers Smooth Out Ends Trim to allow our guests unwind and have a go-to reliable hair service for their routine maintenance.

Fringe Trim:

Fringe, is a shaped cutting of the front part of the hair so that it lies over your forehead. It is an instant style statement. Stick to your haircut or you

can just refresh it with a fringe trim. From curtain fringes to a blunt yet feathered fringe, our hair stylists will find your perfect look ideal for your hair type and face shape.