The OxyGeneo Gold Facial is a set of three treatments meant to exfoliate, infuse, and oxygenate the skin. It works with the body rather than against it, harnessing the power of the “Bohr Effect,” which recognises that skin receives its oxygen from the inside out rather than through its epidermal surface layer. The OxyGeneo facial delivers CO2 to the epidermis, which acts to release beneficial oxygen deep within the skin’s layers using the body’s natural processes.

As with the Oxygeneo Facial, the Gold version uses a process of manual exfoliation with the patented wand, a rich and customised antioxidant serum to infuse the deeper dermal layers, and oxygenation to create the lifting, softening, brightening, and rejuvenating effects. The difference, however, comes from the formula: the Gold Facial uses ultra-luxurious ingredients, including pure gold flakes, silk amino acids, and carnosine peptides.

If you liked how the revolutionary OxyGeneo facial made you feel, you’ll love how the luxurious OxyGeneo Gold Glam facial takes things to a whole new level.