Based on the concept of using thermo-mechanical energy, tixel is a novel device that does not use laser or LED for skin rejuvenation. The tip is usually a gold-plated metal with several pyramid-like spikes. The tip is heated with the help of a metallic plate for up to 400 degrees Celsius. The heated top of Tixel is pressed momentarily against the skin for milliseconds with the help of very accurate motorized control of the handpiece. The machine sterilizes itself by heating up to 540 degrees after the treatment is done. 

Tixel uses radiant heat that aids in reducing skin laxity and dramatically reduce sun damage among improving several other factors. 

It differs from a laser in several ways and is considered to be more effective since it is a quicker process with significantly lesser downtime. With its impressive safety profile, it also has lesser adverse effects as opposed to plasma or laser treatments. 

Tixel is safe to use for non-surgical eye rejuvenation that tightens smile lines, saggy skin and wrinkles under the eyes without any injections or surgery. This is now becoming a far more preferred method for eye rejuvenation.