Winter Beauty Tips

Winter Beauty Tips

Feel fab not drab this Winter with our maintenance tips on skin, hair and beauty during Winter!

Here’s some of our Winter makeup tips:

  • Choose colours that complement the weather. Use browns or greys to make your eyes pop in the cold season.
  • If you suffer from dry skin, apply a lotion before doing your makeup. Dab on just a little if your skin is oily.
  • Opt for a creamy liquid foundation for a smooth finish.

Don’t forget that our team of professional make-up artists are available to create a stunning look for any special occasion. Using only the best handpicked products in the makeup industry.

Here’s some of our hair tips to avoid the Winter frizz:

  • Use lukewarm water to wash your hair and don’t skimp on the conditioner.
  • Prevent dandruff with a regular oil head/hair massage. Add a few drop of lemon juice to the oil and do this at least once a week.
  • Cover your hair when you go out as the cold wind damages the strands.
  • Get regular trims to avoid split ends.

Don’t forget that we now offer hair styling services at our Boutique Medispa at Gregory Hills, including; bombshell curls, sleek straighten, or choose from our braid bar styles.

Here’s some of our handy tips for maintaining your skin during Winter:

  • Swap your water-based moisturiser for an oil-based one as it helps lock the moisture in. Use the moisturiser several times in a day for soft skin.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen when you’re stepping out.
  • Stay hydrated to keep the dryness at bay. Water is an excellent lubricant to keep your skin soft and supple.
  • Avoid scalding hot baths, however nice they may feel. Stick to lukewarm water to retain the moisture in your skin so that your skin doesn’t dry out.

If you feel that your Winter skins needs some serious TLC, we have many amazing facials and treatments that will improve your skin health, including:

We hope we’ve got you covered for your Winter skin, hair and beauty tips!

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Most Popular Treatments and Their Benefits

Most Popular Treatments and Their Benefits

We have so many incredible treatments available to our guests at The Beauty Base, all consisting of amazing benefits and results! In this blog, we’ve listed the 5 most popular treatments we perform numerous times everyday and talk about the results clients achieve with these treatments and finally why they are loved so much!

The Hydra facial uses vortex technology to cleanse, extract, peel and Hydrate each pore, delivering long term skin health, as well as instant noticeable results with no downtime of irritation. This facial is fantastic because it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any skin type!
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Eyelash lift
Get luscious lifted lashes that will last for 6-9 weeks in an easy 30 minute appointment. Lash lift uses silicon pads to lift the lashes from the root creating the illusion of lash lengthening. Clients love eyelash lifts as the results give you beautiful curled and long lashes without the hassle of extensions.
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The world’s leading depigmentation treatment, suitable for all skin photo types and pigmentation concerns, including melasma! It is the end result of years of research and is a one off treatment suitable for all skin types. This amazing 2 in 1 peel also helps with acne and acne scaring, rough or dry skin, general skin tone and anti-aging. The cosmelan treatment is a versatile process adapted to the needs of each individual. Price includes all after-care products, Visia Skin Analysis and Healite post treatment + 2nd visia in 6 months time!
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Eyebrow waxing
Get the perfect shaped brows with our amazing brow specialists! This is one of our most popular treatments, as they say the brows truly do shape your face so it’s important to maintain them month to month, or as regularly as you need.
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Laser Hair Removal has become increasingly popular worldwide in the last few years. We use a medical grade FDA & TGA approved Candela GentleMax Pro system, which is the most advanced and effective laser for hair removal in the world. For maximum comfort to our clients, all candela machines provide advanced cooling devices to protect the skin and make your experience near pain free!
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Create Your Perfect Lipstick Shade With The Lip Lab

Create Your Perfect Lipstick Shade With The Lip Lab

Do you struggle to find the perfect lip shade for your complexion? Are you sick of mixing different lip colours and lip liners to create the right shade to suit you?

The Lip Lab is the very first of it’s kind in Australia where you can come in and create your very own lip product with a blending machine. Yes you heard it right! In conjunction with one of our professional lip colour consultants you will be able to choose, mix and apply your own shades right here in the studio!

The lip lab creates, pigmented, creaming and long lasting rich lip products with any unlimited range in shade and colour.

The 3 steps to creating your lip product with the Lip Lab:

  1. CHOOSE – Make an appointment with one of our professional lip lab colour consultants. Pop into our store at Shop 211 Narellan Town Centre North Building, Camden Valley Way, and choose from our huge range of micas and pigments.
  2. MIX – Once you have chosen your colours, flavours and finish we will make it for you on the spot.This process involves heating, mixing and then cooling in our state of the art lipstick moulds.
  3. APPLY – In under 15 minutes your new custom blended lipstick will be ready for you to apply. We will also provide you with a consultation card specifying the blend if you wish to re-order.

Everything you need to know about the lipstick making process…

  • A typical consultation takes around 30 minutes.
  • During a consultation with one of our professional colour consultants we will discuss what colours you normally wear, what you would like to experiment with, textures you prefer, whether you like a creme finish or a matte finish etc.?
  • We blend several colours in front of you and you have the opportunity to make one or as many as you like.
  • There are options to make your own lipstick, lip gloss or both.
  • You can choose your own case for the product. For lip gloss it can be supplied it in either a wand or pot.
  • There are a number of flavours you can add including strawberry, blueberry and citrus to name a few.
  • You can add SPF to your lip product to protect your lips from the sun.
  • There are lots of things you can add such as a lip plumper to make the lips appear fuller whilst you wear lipstick or an anti ager to help prevent lipstick from feathering or creeping into fine lines, to name a few.
  • Pre-made lip liners and nail polish are available for purchase to compliment your finished product.
  • They cater for group bookings and have facilities to service up to 6 people at a time. For large groups i.e. hens parties etc., advanced bookings are required. To enquire or for more information please contact us on 07 4646 1832 or

Price List

  • LIPSTICK $65
  • LIP GLOSS $30
  • LIP PENCIL $25
  • LIP BRUSHES $30-35

Some limited edition Swarovski lipstick cases are available. These can be purchased in store for $85 (standard Swarovski case), $150 (crystal fabric Swarovski case) or $350 (crystal rock Swarovski case). These prices are inclusive of your own custom made lipstick.

Group Bookings

The Lip Lab can be booked exclusively for small groups, events or functions. For private bookings you have full use of the store up to a maximum of three hours. Alternatively we can bring the Lip Lab to you and host parties or corporate events. To make a reservation or for more information please contact us on 07 4646 1832 or

Makeup Application 

Our team of professional makeup-artists are available to create a stunning look for any special occasion, or simply just because! Using only the best hand picked products in the makeup industry, we will also incorporate your perfect Lip Lab shade if you’ve created one.

Call The Beauty Base Narellan on 02 4646 1832 or The Beauty Base Laser & Dermal Clinic on 02 4647 8806 to find out more about the Lip Lab or booking in for a consultation to create your own perfect lipstick shade.

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