This amazing new treatment with its holistic approach, almost instantaneous and remarkable results and is naturally revolutionising the Beauty procedure industry with a new direction in noninvasive treatments.

The Purebeau Fibroblast hand piece produces a tiny plasma flash which leaps from tip to the skin in a micromillimetre sized point. This superficial point minimises the skin in its immediate vicinity – which reduces the excess skin, tightening.  For example, the lid / under eye area.

A series of tiny dots are strategically placed, generating a reduction grid to attain the desired result for the excess skin. In contrast to conventional surgery, the area cannot be lifted too much as only excess natural skin is minimally and invasively reduced.

The concerned skin area is clearly tightened.

Fibroblast uses advanced technologies, that allow for a fast and comfortable treatment for clients.

No knives, no Botox, minimal side effects, quick and easy procedure.



Following treatment, it is completely normal to have some swelling on the treated area. As the eye area can be very fragile, it is a good idea to keep in mind that because of the swelling around the eyes can be and can last for several days and may lead to interference with vision in the initial period. Cold compresses may be applied to reduce the swelling.

Crusting will usually develop over the treated area, this will often initially be brown or black on the surface of the skin and flake off over the following days. It may take over 2 weeks to completely disappear. It is essential to not pick at this crusting as this may lead to infection or scarring.

Occasionally the treated area may become a little weepy, this is part of the normal healing process and will improve with time.

It is essential to keep the treatment area clean, dry and protected from any sun exposure. Our team will put together a home care regime for you to follow.

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